Spring 2022 Update

Dear Local Food Box Members and Supporters,

Thanks to everyone that has signed up for the Local Food Box this year, got in touch, and helped spread the word about us. We are looking forward to our first harvest at Wind Whipped Farm and the beginning of the box program season.

Help! We need more Local Food Box members!

If you want to sign up, there is still space left at both of our farm pickups as well as a couple spots in our Vic West pod and one spot left in our Oaklands pod.

We are really happy to hear that several Local Food Box members are planning on some post-Covid-lock-down travel and adventures this summer!  However, we are also noticing that our box subscriptions are lower than in past years in part because of this.  So, we could really use your help to get the word out about The Local Food Box!  If there is anyone you know who you think would be a good fit please let them know we are looking for more members to sign up. Also, reviews or recommendations on Google or Facebook are always super helpful.

Pickup details:

The first boxes of the season are planned for the following dates (please note, depending on weather and crop conditions, we may push the start date back a week):

  • Tuesday on Farm pickup: June 7, 3:30-6 PM at Wind Whipped Farm
  • Tuesday Vic West pickup: June 7, 530-630 PM in Vic West
  • Tuesday Oaklands pod pickup: June 7, 6:30-7:30 PM in Oaklands
  • Friday on Farm pickup: June 10, 3:30-6 PM at Wind Whipped Farm

For those of you receiving items that are not on a weekly schedule:

  • Flower bouquets are planned for the first week of the program and every second week after.
  • Honey is planned for the first week of the box program and the first week of each month after.
  • Bi-weekly eggs are planned for the first week of the box program and every second week after.
  • Monthly flour options are planned for the first week of the box program and the start of every month after.

We will be in touch again with everyone who signed up before the first pickups, to confirm start dates and provide more details.

Sooke and East Sooke Local Food Box members

If you are a Sooke resident and are interested in being part of a new Local Food Box pod pickup please get in touch. We have an offer to host a pod in Sooke, if there is enough interest.

We have a lot of seeds and seedlings in the ground that are loving our recent rain.  A bit more sunshine and warmth and they will be taking off! 

Thanks for supporting your local farmers!

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