Program participants receive a food box from early June to mid-October, for a total of 20 weeks.  The contents of the meat and veggies options are prepared by the farmers according to what is in season or in stock. You can customize the contents of your food box with the following options:

  • Certified organic fruits and vegetables (weekly)
  • Fresh mushrooms (weekly)
  • Pork, chicken and lamb (bi-weekly)
  • Free-range eggs (weekly or bi-weekly)
  • Seasonal flower bouquets (bi-weekly)
  • Honey (every 4 weeks)
  • Freshly milled wheat flour (weekly or every 4 weeks)

Prices for each box option are outlined below.

Box content options

Average value Cost

Certified organic vegetables & fruits (weekly)

$42 per week


Fresh mushrooms (weekly)

$10 per week


Frozen lamb, chicken & pork (every 2 weeks)

$66 bi-weekly


Dozen eggs (bi-weekly or weekly)

$9.50 per week

$95 – $190

Flower bouquets (every 2 weeks)

$26 bi-weekly


Honey 1 lb jar (every 4 weeks)

$15 every 4 weeks


Whole wheat or sifted flour (weekly or every 4 weeks)

See registration form

See registration form

You can pay by cheque, cash, credit or by e-transfer, in up to four payments. You will be charged a small administration fee if you choose to pay in more than one instalment. There is no administration fee if the box is fully paid up front.  More information is provided on our online sign-up form. We can be more flexible about payments for anyone facing financial challenges, contact us to enquire.

Pickup locations include:

For more information, please see the FAQ or Contact us.