Wind Whipped Farm roadside stand open Saturdays

Dear Local Food Box members and local food supporters,

We hope you are enjoying the bounty of the summer season. After a cold, slow start, our crops are finally catching up and cranking out. We are happy to announce that there is a new way to access Wind Whipped Farm produce.

The new Wind Whipped Farm roadside stand will open starting this Saturday from 9-4.  We will have salad mix, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, swiss chard and some cherry tomatoes available.  There is a box for cash payments or e-transfers can be sent to

Ever since our old roadside stand blew over in a wind storm a few years ago, we have been imaging a new and improved roadside stand for our farm.  We decided that instead of building a new structure we would re-purpose an old shed near the road into a walk-in road stand.  Over the years the project was sidelined by other more pressing farm jobs but we are finally ready (enough) to open (still more work to do to make it look pretty). We are also at that time of the summer when we start to have an abundance of produce.

Supplying The Local Food Box program will continue to be our first priority.  The roadside stand will be for surplus produce we cant  move through the box program or that box members have already received a lot of (like chard and salad!).  We are also planning to use the roadside stand in the shoulder seasons, when the box program is finished, to continue supplying local food to our community.

Pathway to roadside stand

The roadside stand is not easily visible from the road.  At 4645 B William Head Road, to the left of the farm gate there is a short gravel path that leads to the entrance to the roadside stand.  Plenty of parking space is available along our side of William Head Road up to the mail boxes.

We hope you will pay our roadside stand a visit. Thanks for your continued support,

Alex and Virginie

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