How do I pay you?

You can pay by cheque, cash, credit card,  or by e-transfer, in up to four payments. You will be charged a small administration fee if you choose to pay in more than one instalment. There is no administration fee if the box is fully paid up front.  More information is provided on our online sign-up form. We can be more flexible about payments for anyone facing financial challenges, contact us to enquire.

What if I am going on vacation this summer and will miss a pick-up?

You will be able to skip one vegetable box pickup during the season and receive credit for it if you let us know by email at least 48 hrs in advance of the pickup (this way we have time to take your name off the harvest list that week). You can use the credit towards the purchase of extra produce throughout the season or receive an extra box of vegetables at the end of the season. Meats, eggs, honey and flour will be kept at the farm until your next pickup. Flowers and mushrooms will not be reimbursed, and will not be available the following week. Alternatively you can arrange for a family member or friend to pick it up for you.

What if I forget to pick up my box?

We can hold onto frozen meats, eggs,  honey and flour until the next pickup but not vegetables or flowers.  If you can’t make it to a pickup you are welcome to send someone else on your behalf. Members can give us advance notice to skip one pickup during the season, or have a friend or family pick up the box for them (see question above for more information).

Can I make substitutions?

Yes. We bring extra items to the pickup so you can trade 1 to 2 items (depending on supplies). This applies only to the fruit and vegetable box. See the question below for meat options.

Can I choose the types of meats I will receive?

Yes. One of the meat box options includes a mix of pork, lamb and chicken. You can choose to exclude one of these types of meats for the whole season.

How much food will I receive?

The vegetable box typically contains 6 to 12 items. The meat boxes typically contains between 2 to 5 items.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the box program is 20 weeks starting at the beginning of June.

When and where can I pick up my box?

Pickup locations include:

What if I receive a food item I am not familiar with?

We are on site to answer questions and suggest recipes.

How does the box pick-up work?

Once a week, you show up at the agreed upon location and time. We will be on site to hand over your box and answer questions. Please bring your own shopping bags for the fruit and veggie box. Your meat box is packaged in a bag and stored in a cooler. Eggs are handed over separately. Flower bouquets are wrapped and ready to put in water. Honey is in a jar. Wheat flour is in a paper bag.

Can I order larger quantities?

At times we have a fruit & veggie “bumper crop” and we are able to offer items for purchase at the pick-ups, or an extra box at the end of the season.  For all other products, contact the farms and producers directly.