2022 Local Food Box

Dear Local Food Box members and local food supporters, 

Registration is open for the 2022 season of the Local Food Box Program. Order now or read on for a few updates.

Nootka Rose fresh, local, stone-ground flour

This year we are adding a new product: Local flour, from locally grown wheat, milled weekly right here in Metchosin!

Nootka Rose Milling stone grinds a variety of high quality grains into fresh and nutritious flour.  The mill produces the flour used by Wildfire Bakery and Fry’s Bakery and also sells their products and more at their storefront in Metchosin.  They proudly source grain from as close to home as is available that is either certified organic or locally sustainably grown. This year they are sourcing their Whole Wheat grain from the Saanich Peninsula. 

We are offering Local Food Box members the choice of Nootka whole wheat flour or sifted wheat flour in 1kg or 2.5kg bags every week or every month. If an order of wheat flour every week or every 4 weeks is not for you, we still encourage you to check out the Nootka Rose for all the other great local products they carry.

Victoria area neighborhood pods

Last year we had pods in Fairfield, Vic West, and Hillside Quadra.  Pods are small groups of people who live near one another and take turns driving out to Metchosin to pick up boxes. People who can’t drive out to Metchosin can still join a pod. A pod host is the person who lives at the location where boxes of all pod members are brought for pickup at the agreed upon time. If you were part of a pod in 2021 we will be in touch with more information. If you are interested in joining or hosting a new pod, please email us.

 Registration system

We are using the same membership registration platform as last year, The Open Food Network. For returning members you should be able to login with your existing membership account info and place your order, choose a pickup location (under “Shipping options”) and select a payment option.  More details about the registration process are available here

Vacation hold /skipped boxes

You will be able to skip one vegetable box pickup during the season and receive credit for it if you let us know by email at least 48 hrs in advance of the pickup (this way we have time to take your name off the harvest list that week). You can use the credit towards the purchase of extra produce throughout the season or receive an extra box of vegetables at the end of the season. 


Yanou inspecting the garlic patch, April 2022.


If you have questions about the box program, check out Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us. Thank you for appreciating and supporting local food.

Alex and Virginie

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