Wind Whipped Farm

Alex Fletcher and Virginie Lavallée-Picard coordinate The Local Food Box Program and operate Wind Whipped Farm.

Wind Whipped Farm is a market garden and orchard in Metchosin. We started in 2008 and sold in 2009 at our road stand, through a local box program and, by bicycle, at the Metchosin Farmers’ market. In 2010 we took the season off due to a severe case of farm-cycle-touring.  After a 3 month, 3000km cycle-tour of over 20 small farms throughout Eastern Canada and the Eastern United States we recovered and returned to Metchosin for the 2011 growing season. Since then we have been making improvements to our operation, continuously incorporating some of the smart ideas we picked up on our trip.

In 2014 we continue to partner with other local producers through the Local Food Box Program.

We are proud members of The National Farmers UnionLa Via Campesina, Food Secure Canada, and Slow Food Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. As new farmers, we are also big fans of Young Agrarians. Thank you to Theo Dombrowski for our logo, as well as the many friends and family that support us in numerous ways.