Metchosin farmers in high gear


Most days this week at least a dozen tractors fly (relatively) down William Head road, riding in high gear, past Wind Whipped Farm, with their mowers, tedders (egg beater rakes) and bailers to and from the patchwork of hayfields that surround us.  Local Food Box partners Parry Bay Sheep Farm and Stillmeadow Farm are amongst them. As pictured above,  they are busy making lots of hay to sell and to store to feed sheep.

If you are familiar with Metchosin you will know there are some beautiful natural areas and scenic farmscapes through the hills and along the coast.  In the images above John Buchanan from Parry Bay Sheep Farm is mowing hay, Parry Bay in the background, in the field neighboring Wind Whipped Farm.


While the rolling hills and trees make for a scenic landscape they also present some challenging terrain and tight corners for operating farm machinery, good thing John is a pro!

Between Wind Whipped Farm and the hay field is a patch of old Garry Oaks. Past the winding windrows and through the tall tress you can see the Wind Whipped Farm greenhouse…

and if you look more closely past the lichen and moss covered trunks and branches…

there is Virginie using a marking stick to lay out basil transplants in the garden (while her partner walks around taking pictures).  

Above Virginie has just finished transplanting basil.  Behind her are alliums (green onions, onions, and shallots) and in the background, under the white fabric, are brassicas (kohlrabi, kale, collards, arugula, cress, radishes and cabbage) which are grown under cover to protect from flea beetles and cabbage moths.

The Local Food Box  program starts next week. Vegetables are growing great and there is a chance that some strawberries will be ready for the first week!  We are looking forward to our first harvest of the year and to seeing box program members (Monday at Cook Street Village Activity Centre or Thursday at either Wind Whipped Farm or the Vic West Community Centre).

There are still a few spots left in the program with all options (Metchosin meat, eggs, and/or vegetables) still available so please register or help spread the word!

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