All box options are still available

We are excited to say that the Local Food Box Program is being very well received, thank you to the many people who have helped us get the word out. All box options are still available but they are going fast. If you are interested in the box program we suggest you take a look at the How it Works, FAQ’s and Benefits section. If you are ready to sign-up, please fill-in our Online Sign-Up Form and Contact us if you have any questions.

The growing season has started well in Metchosin.  The Parry Bay and Stillmeadow Farms’ lambs are loving the sweet spring grass and growing up fast.  At Wind Whipped Farm we have been able to get our first round of seeds and transplants in the earth.  Also, last weekend we had a special visit from the Metchosin/Sooke/Westshore 4H Club, lots of fun to meet kids who are excited about agriculture and interested to learn about what we do!

Stillmeadow Farm (Local Food Box partner) lambs enjoying the first graze on our neighbour's beautiful new maple-spotted pasture. Beverly (the donkey) is their protector, she may look innocent but is trained to kick-ass.

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