We’re back!

Dear friends and supporters,

We are very pleased to say that The Local Food Box is back for the 2016 season! Parry Bay Sheep Farm, Stillmeadow Farm, Winter Creek Farm and Wind Whipped Farm are teaming up again this year to bring you their fine local food products in Metchosin and Victoria. We are now accepting member registrations on our new sign up system.


Wind Whipped Farm workshop expansion in progress, Winter 2016

As many of you know, the Local Food Box program was not offered in 2015 so that we, your veggie farmers and box program coordinators, could work on several infrastructure and farm improvement projects at Wind Whipped Farm. We have been busy with adding field drainage, building a two story farm workshop and a seedling greenhouse, as well as several other smaller projects. We are deeply grateful for all the help we have received, we will soon be writing more about the process and the people that made it possible.

New in 2016

Returning customers will notice the change in price. The increase is due to the additional weeks in the program. We added field drainage to our market garden which allows us to extend the duration of the box program from 16 to 20 weeks.  We have removed the membership fee and slightly increased the price of the vegetable box to better reflect production costs. Members can pay in up to 4 instalments. With more greenhouse space at Wind Whipped Farm, members purchasing a vegetable box can also expect lots of heat loving crops, and hopefully more diversity in the shoulder season.

Because we are still immersed in finalizing our expansion projects and because Virginie now works as Food Systems Coordinator with the City of Victoria, only 50 vegetable boxes are available in 2016. The number of available vegetable boxes will increase in 2017 and 2018, but this year your veggie farmers are encouraging you to sign up as soon as possible because supply is limited!

We are looking forward to having many of our past members back in the program and meeting new members. We really appreciate your support as members and in helping us spread the word about the program. For more details on the program please check our FAQ page . As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.


Wind Whipped Farm field drainage main line installation, Fall 2015

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