Thanks for another great season of local food!

It has been a pleasure to grow and supply Local Food Box members with beautiful, fresh, local food this year.

We really appreciate the many relationships that make the Local Food Box possible. We are especially grateful to: Local Food Box members for the ongoing support and commitment to local food and farmers; partner farms who work hard to produce quality foods and flowers; the Vic West Community Association and the Cook Street Village Activity Centre for lending us a distribution space; and, our fantastic 2018 Wind Whipped Farm worker crew.

This season we distributed approximately 17 200 lbs or 7.8 tonnes of fruits and vegetables (compared to 6.5 tonnes in 2017), 440 meat boxes, 170 flower bouquets and 8 400 eggs!

Below are a few highlights and photos from the season at Wind Whipped Farm. Stay tuned for the start of 2019 registrations, we always give priority to returning members, and don’t hesitate to get in touch (we miss Local Food Box members!).

2018 Season Overview
We start most of our seedlings in March on heated mats, and we water them with overhead misters. 

A few months later, we prep the beds and we start transplanting. The trellises on the right will be used for sugar snap peas and pole beans.

When the season is more advanced and we’ve had enough heat, we can finally begin harvesting delicious heat loving crops – like this Corno di Toro sweet pepper.

This year we grew sweet corn for the first time. It was an experiment for us, we wanted to see if we had enough heat to bring the cobs to maturity – both in terms of size and sweetness. Based on member feedback (and our tastebuds), we thought the results were pretty good. Because corn plants take a lot of space (of which we have very little), we will keep growing only a small amount for now. After harvest, Emily is mowing down the plants with our flail-mower.

 A classic fall scene…cleaning alliums upstairs in our farm workshop, with mini kabocha and angel hair winter squash curing nearby.

Another classic fall scene: Misty afternoons, spreading compost on beds that will be covered with silage tarp for the winter. In spring 2019 the tarps will be pulled back, the beds direct seeded or transplanted, and it starts all over again!

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